VISION - mon amour

The work entitled  ‘VISION – mon amour’, which was created for the Niederrheinische Museum in Kevelaer, takes up the phenomenon of the Marian apparitions which occurred at Kevelaer with increasing frequency in the 17th century and were able to transform the small town into a well-known pilgrimage site. Starting with the facts surrounding the apparitions themselves, the work questions the concept of the vision, which here means not only the experience of extra-sensory perception that is beyond the rationally explicable, but is also understood as a synonym for the creation of an artistic work that can be apprehended by the senses. Derived from the Latin word ‘visio’, vision is always a precondition and elementary starting point of every creative work. It is the catalyst of ideas and changes and is able to give material form to one’s own imaginative power. 

Moreover, the term ‘vision’ also refers to our media culture, in which seeing is inextricably bound up with hearing, for example TV, television, whose unlocatable flood of images from the beyond feeds on apparently magical channels, in the same way that the mysterious apparition of the corporeal Virgin fed on the astonished eyes of the select witnesses. 

The work takes the supernatural events as the occasion to understand the vision as an image-making event in which internal images take shape, becoming both concrete and sensorily experienceable for others.

Installation of 5 photographs, C-prints, sizes 100x100cm, 3 television monitors, video loop, furniture, 2013